Jan 2, 2008

Explosm exploded

Are you familiar with Explosm.net - daily webcomics named Cyanide and Happiness?
These guys are sure talented.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

BUT, there is on weird "but" - to paste the comic-strip above, I used the code provided at Explosm.net:
< href = " http://www.explosm.net/comics/1107/ "> < alt = "Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic" src ="http://www.flashasylum.com/db/files/Comics/Rob/html.png" r ="0">
Cyanide & Happiness @ < href ="http://www.explosm.net">Explosm.net< / a >

See the address flashasylum.com inside the code? I typed it on my Firefox browser, and what happened? -
Text consisting of "lololololololol...Explosm" AND my Avast! Virus Software warning me of trojan horse! Wtf?

I understand that it was just my own curiosity that lead me to that Flashasylum, but still. Why do Explosm fellows need to mess with trojan viruses?


Ladadadada said...

My guess is that Explosm use FlashAsylum for hosting their image files because it's cheaper than hosting the files themselves.

The fact that the homepage of FlashAsylum attempts to infect you with a Russian trojan and has large amounts of Viagra keyword stuffing hidden on the page has nothing at all to do with Explosm.

Anonymous said...

I got a virus from Explosm today at work. We never use the internet on the computer but I thought I'd print out a comic to post up- minutes after entering the website I was being spammed by spyware popups. It was definitely Explosm that did it- the main page or one that the comics were on, I didn't click any links. Someone should tell them to fix whatever it is, I would but I'm not going to risk going to their site again despite how awesome the comic is.


Chocolate Rain
Some stay dry

Anonymous said...

I got the virus too. Every time I visit Explosm my Firefox crashes and after closing it I get a message from NOD32 that the file was moved to Quarantine.

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