Jun 11, 2007

Thoughts about.. my very own search engine

I`ve always admired the new search engine start-ups, those original and creative ones like Searchles, Accoona and Clusty. They might give much weaker results than Google (in many cases I`ve seen better results too), but still the idea remains that people are trying and giving the best they got. Feeling that you have done something, even hearing comments and advice from users can change the day.

I have also thought a lot about search engine innovation, what would be the improvements or how to take the web search to the next level. Still I guess that at the moment it is a bit too early to shout my thought out - I have to get it all more clearer to myself at first.

But if I`ve formed my thoughts and ideas, I`ll let you know! You won`t miss them!


mcbilly wilford said...

Hi tod. I can see you're really into technology. I'm an information technology college student too, I love your contents on your blog.

Hope I could see your very own search engine someday. haha. Cheers!

McBilly said...

Silly me! I thought your name was tod. I just realized that tod means Telecom on Demand.

Apologies for the confusion Tim. :)


Tim said...

No problem! Many people who have written to me or commented here have understood my name wrongly, so I guess it`s more like my mistake, that there is a mess around :)