Jun 17, 2007

Mobile phone trends

Wanna know what is the most popular cellphone that everyone`s searching for?

According to Google Trends, as inserting terms Motorola mobile, Nokia mobile, Sony Ericsson mobile, Samsung mobile and Motorola mobile (I added additional mobile term, as some companies are dealing with other products as well) - the top 5 would be:

1. Nokia
2.-3. Motorola / Samsung
4.-5. LG / Sony Ericsson

Nothing suprising, as I`m also using Nokia :P. Although, if I had to buy a new cellphone today, it would definitely be Sony Ericsson (main reason of it is covered under codename Walkman).

But now, if going to filter by countries, the order would be quite different:
  • USA - first place: Motorola
  • UK, Australia, Germany, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India - first place : Nokia
  • France - first place: Samsung
See the full results in here


Janet said...

Hi Tim - thanks for visiting my blog... I can see that most of your content very tech oriented, and I wouldn't know if it's fit to eat - get it? I have a food blog?... sorry bad joke :(

I have a Motorola Razr, and I am in the middle of buying a new car with bluetooth....maybe you'll be able to help me set it up .... in exchange for that dinner when you come to Canada.... :-)

Tim said...

Okey, that`s a deal! :)
I actually have a bunch of relatives living in Canada too.. But anyway I hope you make the right choice with buying a car!

Digital Nomad said...

Surprized at the results for US. Motorola does not look like a leader anywhere except US.

Wonder who is building iPhone and how that will affect future trends?

Tim said...

It`s my prediction, that iPhone will only be for a niche market. It won`t take a leader position, but lets wait and see.

Anonymous said...

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