Jun 17, 2007

Basis of an intelligent search engine

Here is a diagram for supporting the basis of my ideas for building a search engine. It`s very general and nothing specific - created with Gliffy (create and share diagrams online).
So the main point at the moment seems to be that it doesn`t get the input only from users (and from the internet), but it should retrieve it from anywhere possible. In my opinion, that kind of solution would just fit in the near future.


Digital Nomad said...

Check out Hakia.com. This is a search engine based on AI.

Digital Nomad said...

Sorry. "IA", as in Artificial Intelligence".

Tim said...

Thanks for a link and suggestion! It`s really worth trying and testing.

Debi K said...

Thanks for using Gliffy to illustrate your point. If you havent been to Gliffy in a while, check out our great new symbols--I think you'll really like them! www.gliffy.com
Let us know what you think: support at gliffy dot com
---debik at gliffy dot com

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