Jun 22, 2007

Desktop Tower Defense wasted 2 hours of my life

A web based (written in flash) simple war game named Desktop Tower Defense is out there - it`s genius , it`s easy and it has won the hearts of thousands of people (I checked the stats while writing this - last hour it was played 11206 times).

The point of this game is to prevent the little "creeps" to run through the play area by building defensive towers.

The best way to undersand it is to try it by yourself. So i wasted 2 hours playing it, and I`m sure there will be additional hours!

Jun 18, 2007

Google used new font ?

I just made a search in Google and surprisingly the font of the results were different (bold?) from what it has been before. Now, as I`m writing this post, I tried the search once more and everything was back normal.

I made a sample search and snapshot of it (click on a image to see the original size):

Jun 17, 2007

Mobile phone trends

Wanna know what is the most popular cellphone that everyone`s searching for?

According to Google Trends, as inserting terms Motorola mobile, Nokia mobile, Sony Ericsson mobile, Samsung mobile and Motorola mobile (I added additional mobile term, as some companies are dealing with other products as well) - the top 5 would be:

1. Nokia
2.-3. Motorola / Samsung
4.-5. LG / Sony Ericsson

Nothing suprising, as I`m also using Nokia :P. Although, if I had to buy a new cellphone today, it would definitely be Sony Ericsson (main reason of it is covered under codename Walkman).

But now, if going to filter by countries, the order would be quite different:
  • USA - first place: Motorola
  • UK, Australia, Germany, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India - first place : Nokia
  • France - first place: Samsung
See the full results in here

Basis of an intelligent search engine

Here is a diagram for supporting the basis of my ideas for building a search engine. It`s very general and nothing specific - created with Gliffy (create and share diagrams online).
So the main point at the moment seems to be that it doesn`t get the input only from users (and from the internet), but it should retrieve it from anywhere possible. In my opinion, that kind of solution would just fit in the near future.

Jun 11, 2007

Thoughts about.. my very own search engine

I`ve always admired the new search engine start-ups, those original and creative ones like Searchles, Accoona and Clusty. They might give much weaker results than Google (in many cases I`ve seen better results too), but still the idea remains that people are trying and giving the best they got. Feeling that you have done something, even hearing comments and advice from users can change the day.

I have also thought a lot about search engine innovation, what would be the improvements or how to take the web search to the next level. Still I guess that at the moment it is a bit too early to shout my thought out - I have to get it all more clearer to myself at first.

But if I`ve formed my thoughts and ideas, I`ll let you know! You won`t miss them!

Jun 10, 2007

Wireless handover and roaming on PDF

Here are some links to pdf files describing wireless and mobile handover/roaming processes. These might be a bit too technical for a person with no knowledge about wireless networks, but still, take a look, maybe you find something helpful.

  • Cellular Communications - This tutorial discusses the basics of radio telephony systems, including both analogue and digital systems.
  • Tutorial on Intelligent Networks - This
    paper presents some history of telecommunications technology, an overview of IN and its services and some
    additional discussion on the future broadband IN.
  • Technical Issues on Roaming - Transparency, Technical Aspects and Data
    Overview related to the Proposed Regulation on
    Roaming (EU Regulations)

Jun 3, 2007

Great classic from Kurose & Ross

For studying my Computers Networking exam I used a great book written by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, named Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet (the 2nd edition). That`s definitely one of the best in a given area - I read those ~700 pages just in 2 days (and nights), everything described in the book just made it all so damn simple.

It would have been a sin not to share it with you. And by the way, now after reading the book, it is a little helper for cooling my laptop down (sometimes it gets kind of overheated somehow, so i just put 2 thick books under the computer, leaving some open space for the vents - and it works!).

Here`s the detailed table of contents of the textbook