May 5, 2007

Techlivez - worth mentioning?

I recently spotted a blog called (their slogan is Irresistible Technology). It says they`re trying to cover the latest technology news and future technology updates.
But isn`t it just another gadget blog? Isn`t there already enough gadget and technology blogs?

Well, my answer would be:
Yes, there are thousands of writers who all think THEY are the next TechCrunch (my blog included:D) - many of them are pointless, but even if I happen to navigate to a random gadget-blog and find at least one useful article or tip, then it means that this blog has potential.

But when I find more than one topic.. - it gives me a signal that I might subscribe to that blog (but still not at the moment, I need to convince myself that it`s worth reading, sry Shashank:P)

So here`s what i found interesting for me from Techlivez:
So as you see, on a primar scan i found three topics, what is 3 times more than one:D
I`ll keep an eye on You! Lets see if we could have the Spark :P
(For fellow bloggers, maybe you`re interested in Shashank`s action around free pagerank 5 backlink)


Webtools said...

I also did the review of techlivez, just for the same purpose as you.
I think we can work in collaboration to benefit each other. Join me.

Tim said...

Hi there,
Yes you got a point! We are both like , lets say newbies in blogging. I`ve had some ideas, for example an experiment of Guest Blogging. But ok, lets stay it touch !

John said...

Thank you for the nice post.

Teri said...

techlivez has great info and is a reliable source for my business - Thanks!