May 7, 2007

The simple solution for fixing cell phone bugs

There could be many situations where the cell phone might just stop working, report stupid errors and so on. For example my mobile Nokia 3100 has shouted me at least 10 times "SIM card not working" or "Insert SIM card". It has happened while it was -20 degrees outside but also while I was playing basketball (as i want to be "avilable" all the time, then it was in my pocket while playing :P).

So what I did? The simplest thing - I just switched the phone off, and after switching it in again it worked brilliantly like never before. It`s like a restart to a PC.

To move on, one day I called to one of my friends, and guess what! - I heard my own voice in echo , quite strange i have to say. I wouldn`t recommend that kind of experience even to my enemy :D. The point was that my friend was using hands free and so there was some kind of bug in the connection with the phone.

So you can guess 3 times what I advised her to do!
Yes, right answer! You are fast learners :P
So she restarted her phone and everything was fine again - working.

My friend told she would have never come to an idea simple as that.
So maybe some of you find this little tip useful - just turn your cell phones off and back on again =)

(But it`s clear that the method doesn`t work in all cases, if so you better find your warranty or buy a new phone)


Nirmal said...

;-) Nice tip. I too use this tip most of the time. :-)

Tim said...

Hey Nirmal, maybe you got more little tips to share with us how to deal with mobile bugs:D ? Or you should reveal them in you blog at least.

But on the other hand, it makes me wonder that is that kind of tip also written and advised in cell phones manuals?

Hmm.. I guess it is, but still not totaly sure about it..

Susan said...

hey tim. yes i too use this method. i thought myself that most people did do this but obvoiusly not. maybe i am more genoius than i thought :) good tip though for those who havent thought of this & yes to everyone, i agree it does work.

Tim said...

hi Susan, I guess it just proves again that there is a little genius in every one of us :)

teri said...

I used this with another version of Nokia and it worked fine.