May 3, 2007

News site of the future. What about today ?

CBS's president and general manager of Digital Media Group, Jonathan Leess, shows off a demo of what the television giant has in store for its Web site in the future, featuring a unique blend of broadcast and user-generated content. - from

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Although, Jonathan Leess talks in a way that it`s some Super-Blasting-New feature, still that kind of technology, where users can upload their videos and photos related to given news, isn`t new.

Moreover, it is happening today and everywhere.

Some samples: Updated on May 3
On the other hand, providing user videos to be streamed full screen is a great step by offering a thrilling competition to Joost (the solution of CBS will also be open-source). So the predictions were right - year 2007 IS a year for video revolution via Internet.

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