May 11, 2007

Music videos from Middio

It`s interesting, today I checked my bookmarks list in Firefox and found a link that I had forgotten to take a closer look. The link was named Middio - Uniting music videos.

Middio is a search engine for music videos. It searches and indexes videos from YouTube, it seems that only quality and original videos will pass the indexing test.

Here`s what they tell about themself:

Launched in mid-2007, Middio makes an effort of properly tagging the most popular music videos uploaded by members to Although the music videos are hosted by, they can be searched for and watched on Middio without ads.

For a note - the most viewed video at the moment is
My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words.

If you think that this post is some kind of paid article, then you`re completley wrong - it`s just that I personally like it so much from the moment i saw it and feel that the service has a great potential in the future.

Take a look and tell me what you think!

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writing a annotated bibliography said...

It was less a business launch than just a programming exercise.