May 29, 2007

Maybe You Got That Something for Electrolux Design Lab

Electrolux has announced a call for entries for the Electrolux Design Lab 2007 - a competition for students to design economically friendly, sustainable household solutions and gadgets (for 2020).
The prizes are: first place 5,000 euros, second 3,000 € and third 2,000 € + fame, glory and nice experience.

Here are the winners of 2006 -
first place was (is :D) called Nevale Food Carrier, the gadget that could be useful indeed.

So that all gave me that kind of punch that now I`m thinking to apply too, maybe combine some kitchen stuff with mobility, networking and environment.

And also, check this cute video, where the father explains his little daughter why she can`t have a cell-phone yet (from a Finnish reality show Kitchen Stage - somewhat action in futuristic kitchen).


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