May 14, 2007

Is your webpage mobile friendly?

How does your webpage looks in mobile devices and what can be improved for better user experience? You can easily get an answer from Dotmobi, a place to check how far are you and your site from conquering the world of mobile phones.

For example, Google seems to fit brilliantly on Nokia n70, but as moving to pages like blogs, then it wouldn`t be so nice at all, see Todspace on Sony K750

So how does your page or blog looks in a mobile?


Webtools said...

Nice info,

Tim said...

Always glad to help!

Franx Budi said...

Nice information..How to make it?

Tim said...

Hey Franx,
How to make a webpage that looks nice in cell-phone?

In dotMobi you can register for creating that kind of site

Though it seems to take some effort, as you just can`t convert your page with one click into being mobile friendly. Categories, text and pictures have to be added from grassroot.

But if you got 10 minutes or so, then you can try how it works.

molly said...

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bob said...

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