May 21, 2007

Interview with YOU

At the moment I have extremely busy times as I`m prepearing for the exams (first one named simply Computer Networks takes place on Thursday) - So, I came up with an idea how all the fellow bloggers could help me on this fast period - I`ll make an interview with You.

Here are the rules supporting my idea:
  1. You have to be a TECHNOLOGY-related blogger.
  2. You have to answer the questions listed down below.
  3. Send your answers to my e-mail at
  4. I`ll publish your answers every day until Thursday (24.05.07) in my blog posts. But if there will be some great answers later at any time, I wouldn`t mind making exceptions and publish the answers at any time in the future.
  5. When publishing your answers, I`ll add a link to your blog in a given post.
  6. I would be grateful if you link back to my blog or to this post "Interview with YOU", after you have been listed and published in my blog.
Here are the Questions for the Interview:
  1. Why have you chosen to blog on technology topics?
  2. Who are the people who should keep an eye on your blog?
  3. How many gadgets you have with you when leaving the house (mobile, music-player...)? If possible, name them specificly (eg: mobile - Nokia 3100)
  4. What are your plans for summer 2007 - blog through the summer, vacation, working?
  5. What`s the meaning of life?
Hope it isn`t too much =), so once again, send your answers (plus link to your blog and its short description) to

I`ll be waiting!

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