May 29, 2007

Interview with YOU. Part One.

Our first brave one to answer the questions asked in the series of Interview With You is Michael from Educated. Here are his answers and thoughts:

Why have you chosen to blog on technology topics?
I live and breath computers and tech. Blogging is a great way to share my knowledge and possibly help others find what they are looking for, like reviews of various products that I've used myself. Also, I love to tweak things, and the blog is yet another area for me to occupy myself with that.

Who are the people who should keep an eye on your blog?
If you don't mind reading slightly random and
out-of-place writings, my blog is perfect.

How many gadgets you have with you when leaving the house (mobile, music-player...)?
Usually I carry my Sony CLIÉ T665C, an old and long-discontinued member of the company's PDA series. Also I have my Motorola i855, powered by boost Mobile.

What are your plans for summer 2007 - blog through the summer, vacation, working?
Most of my summers are spent in camp. This year I will be holding a job there for the first time, which will bring me a little extra cash.

What`s the meaning of life?
This is a though one - not many can come up with a good definition. Perhaps we should take advantage of all that's given to us, and also try to give back to the world in some way or another. don't live your life like a hermit - share the joy.

About Michael`s blog, entitled Educated (
"Educated brings you the latest scoop on computers, the Web, NYC transit, product and software reviews and more."

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