May 4, 2007

Getting up early, the high-tech solutions (using mobile)

I, like many others, and others also have a serious problem with getting up early in the morning.
I`ve slept while there`s been important lectures, a training in gym and so on (fortunately have arrived to all my university exams on time:)).

So how i`ve managed to arrive on proper time to exams (these always start at 10 AM)?
The cheapest trick is to place the mobile phone to the other corner of the room. So when the wake-up alarm begins, you are forced to get up and walk to turn this noisemaker off. That may already help in some cases.

But not always!

Second solution: Ask somebody with early wakening to call you - it works on me all the time! Cause talking and THINKING are the best things to wake you up (well it means you have to talk and think during the proceedure of answering the phone).

Still nothing?

Maybe you can`t get up because you`re just too rich, you have no reason to wake up so early, money comes and there`s no worries. - If so, but you still wanna wake a litter earlier, you may try some wake-up services like The Awake Brothers or WakeUpLand (possible only in North-America).

Just woke up?
Better than nothing, good morning! :)

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plantronics said...

I set my alarm on my wireless to wake up early but in most cases I just want to throw it out of the window!