May 8, 2007

5 ways to impress a girl using telecommunications

The following is inspired by ProBlogger`s Top 5 Group Writing Project.

So, you have tried to impress a girl in all possible methods but still there`s no effect?
Take a look at the following, maybe it helps!

1. Using little bit complicated terms like WiMax, IPTV, RF Circuit Engineering or even just telecommunication itself could generate an image of yourself as educated and smart person. Although, you shouldn`t use these terms too often, once a day is good enough!

2. Share some tips, for example the tip for fixing cell phone bugs - again you might look like a genius.

3. Take her outside to watch the stars. Of course before you have located the overflying satellites.

4. Gift her a 3G cell phone. Video in addition to voice gives a chance for closer contact in any situation.

5. Ah, heck the telecom - just tell she`s the one and bring some flowers!


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wireless headset said...

I just love this article. Anyway to impress girls is my top priority. Especially when it comes to telecommunications which is my niche of specialty.


Headsets said...

I think its a great way to get work done.

Cheap Style said...

Interesting advice. Now all girls will want you ;)

help with school homework said...

all you need to impressive her is a webcamera and....big dick ;) you know what I'm talking about, guys ;)

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haha.. This would usually being done by those chicksboy guys.